Ibiza Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Ibiza

Ceramics play a big part in the retail plans of visitors to Ibiza. It's worth looking out for local independent potters selling their creations from their own workshops. Leather goods are also well represented, and the island has quite a reputation for the quality of its shoe manufacturing.

The main shopping streets in Ibiza Town are Vara del Rey and Rosello. Ibiza’s equivalent of the high street has stores hidden inside old buildings; look out for straw bags trimmed with leather or brightly coloured raffia. Dalt Vila, on the other hand, is a treasure trove of artisan wares and individual boutiques, all independently owned. Look beyond the restaurants and bars to find storefronts muddled in amongst the creaky doorways selling unusual and inexpensive jewellery, bags and moccasins.

The long and firmly established hippy community has quite a retail presence with weekly markets held at a number of locations including Ibiza Town, the Punta Arabi at Es Canar on Wednesdays and the Las Dalias market in San Carlos on Saturdays. On offer are all manner of artisan decorations and adornments for the home and body including jewellery, paintings, pottery and clothing. Local wines, spirits, salt and olive oil also make good gifts and souvenirs.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0930-1330 and 1630-2000 tends to be the rule of smaller shops whilst the majority of larger department stores, supermarkets and malls stay open from 1000-2200.

Night-time shopping in Ibiza Town can be a fun alternative. In the high season (June until September), you can browse the market-style stalls after dark; while the shops in the port often have their doors open after midnight. There’s a great buzz around the area at this time, so it’s worth staying up and embracing the night-time lifestyle.

Nightlife in Ibiza

Nowhere in the world quite does nightlife like Ibiza. Despite recent government attempts to reel in certain aspects of club culture and the 'anything goes' attitude, the island's wild party scene continues to thrive. Residencies by world-famous DJs attract ravers from all over Europe and beyond, with pumping sets circuiting the party playgrounds of San Antonio and Ibiza Town. These clubs are by no means cheap to get into, and drinks can prove expensive once inside, so many revellers opt to get their alcoholic fill amongst the nearby bars and pubs. The party season runs between June and September with enormous parties held at the beginning and end of this period.

Ibiza after dark is certainly not just the den of inequity certain European media would have their readers believe. While some areas of San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia still suffer at the hands of over-indulgent, bawdy attractions and behaviour; there is still plenty of space left for those who prefer their evenings tranquil and cultured beneath one of the most striking sunsets in Europe. Come dusk many take to the pavement cafes and watch the world go by during the traditional Iberian pastime of el paseo (strolling for pleasure after dinner). Also popular is hopping between the wealth of traditional bars to sample the local wine and tapas or taking a stroll on one of the plethora of beaches before a dinner of local seafood and wine.

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