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Kyiv (Kiev) Nightlife

Kyiv (Kiev) has a vibrant nightlife scene with bars and clubs spread across the city. Those in the centre tend to be more popular with foreign visitors and expatriates while those found further out have a more Ukrainian clientele. Khreschatyk, which is closed to car traffic at weekends, has the highest concentration of bars, clubs and cafés in the city and makes a good starting point. Visitors should aware of high entrance prices and expensive drinks in some clubs, and men in particular should be wary of attractive young women, recruited by some clubs, who might be keen to part them from their hard currency by means of hugely overpriced drinks. Garish casinos and strip clubs may be commonplace but there is still a diversity of good quality entertainment for night owls, from barge parties to underground jazz venues.

In terms of more high-brow culture, the standard in Kyiv (Kiev) is generally very high, and thankfully often still cheap enough for most Ukrainians to be able to enjoy.

Bars in Kyiv (Kiev)

Marokana Fashion Café

The Marokana Fashion Café is a Moroccan-style restaurant and cocktail bar popular with some of the capital’s more glamorous inhabitants. Soft comfortable seating, discrete lighting, Moroccan lamps, mirrors and drapes are the order of the day here. The bar menu boasts a wide range of imported wines and tasty cocktails like Strawberry Kiss Mojito, while the kitchen offers various Moroccan dishes as well as distinctly non-Moroccan cuisine like Asian and eastern European dishes.

Address: , Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard 24, Kyiv, 01133
Telephone: +380 44 254 4999

Naturlih Pub

This spacious pub probably has the broadest range of beers on offer in the city, with brews from all over Europe including Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and even Ireland. A menu offering meals like German and Irish breakfasts compliments the wide choice of beer. TV screens in all three rooms show televised sports events like football and motor racing.

Address: , Vulytsya Bohdana Khmelʹnytsʹkoho 3, Kyiv, 02000
Telephone: +380 44 279 7929

Clubs in Kyiv (Kiev)

Club Ajour (Azhur)

The stereo disco club Ajour (Azhur), part of the Avalon entertainment complex, is the place to come for excellent 1960s, 70s and 80s music. With plenty of themed nights like ‘Back to the USSR’ that offer discounted drinks, and ‘Whiskey Party’ for men every Wednesday and ‘Lady’s Night’ for women on Thursdays, Ajour has a great party atmosphere most nights of the week.

Address: , Leontovycha 3, Kyiv, 02000
Telephone: +380 44 234 7494

Live music in Kyiv (Kiev)

32 Jazz Club

The chamber-like atmosphere of this space is recreated in the style of old New York jazz clubs. With delicious cocktails, good acoustics and a grand piano on the stage – everything facilitates the full immersion into the world of jazz and blues.

Address: , Vozdvyzhens'ka St, 32, Kyiv, 04071
Telephone: +380 50 462 0014

Caribbean Club

One of Kyiv’s (Kiev’s) few Latin American club, the Caribbean Club is one of Kyiv’s oldest clubs. It opened in 1998 and quickly became hugely popular thanks to reliably good music. After a major renovation, Caribbean Club reopened in 2013 as a nightclub and a modern concert hall. Both the nightclub and concert hall hold live music acts, events and latin-themed performances almost everyday. The Caribbean Club also has a bar that serves a vast range of drinks all night.

Address: , Symona Petlyury Street 4, Kyiv, 02000
Telephone: +380 67 224 4111

b-hush Rooftop Lounge

For a sophisticated night out in Kyiv (Kiev) head to b-hush Rooftop Lounge Bar. This stylish bar offers a beautiful view of nearby churches and Dnieper River and has been visited by celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Richard Branson and Shakira. With a delicious selection of Asian and European dishes, live music and DJ performances and an exhaustive drinks menu, it’s no wonder b-hush always draws a crowd.

Address: , Velyka Zhytomyrska Street 2A, Kyiv, 02000
Telephone: +380 44 219 1919

Classical music in Kyiv (Kiev)

National House of Organ and Chamber Music

In the converted church of St Nikolai’s, the organ hall here with its Baltic stained glass and large Czech-built instrument with around 4,000 pipes is a respected venue for music recitals in the capital. Evening performances take place here most days of the week, usually classical or contemporary organ works but sometimes chamber music.

Address: , Velyka Vasylkivska St, 77, Kyiv, 02000
Telephone: +380 44 528 3186

National Philharmonic of Ukraine

The National Philharmonic of Ukraine dates back to 1863 when the very first concert season was inaugurated in Kyiv (Kiev). The Lysenko Hall where concerts are held has a sumptuous neoclassical interior that makes a delightful setting for performances of classical music. This is the base for both the Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine and the Kiev Chamber Orchestra. Concerts take place most nights at 1900 and tickets are both inexpensive and easy to come by.

Address: , Volodymyrs'kyi descent 2, Kyiv, 02000
Telephone: +380 44 278 1697

Dance in Kyiv (Kiev)

Theatres in Kyiv (Kiev)

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre

Popular with cultured Ukrainians, the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre presents a diverse selection of plays from Bulgakov classics to more modern experimental works. Plays are performed in Ukrainian only, but English translations are usually available to help follow the plot.

Address: , Ivana Franka Square 3, Kyiv, 01001
Telephone: +380 44 279 5991.

Music and Dance in Kyiv (Kiev)

National Opera of Ukraine

The Taras Shevchenko National Opera of Ukraine houses the country's most famous opera and ballet company in an exquisite 19th-century building with a grandly ornate auditorium. Something from a wide classical repertoire of opera, dance or concert is staged every evening, with matinee performances on Saturdays. Prices are extremely reasonable given the high quality of the performances and the elegant surroundings in which they take place.

Address: , Volodymyrska street 50, Kyiv, 01030
Telephone: +380 44 235 2606/ 2340353.

Culture in Kyiv (Kiev)