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Getting Around Bahrain


There are no internal flights within Bahrain.


Side of the road


Road Quality

Manama is served by an excellent road system. Road signs are written in English and Arabic.

Car Hire

Most of the major international car hire companies operate in Bahrain with representatives at the airport and at big hotels.


You can hire taxis in the street or from stands outside hotels and at major tourist attractions. They are identifiable by their orange side-wings and yellow number plates. Share-taxis which carry up to five passengers are also available. These are recognisable by a yellow circle with the licence number in black painted on the driver's door and by their white and orange number plates. There are several designated pick-up points. Meters are not used and fares should always be agreed beforehand. Radio cabs are also available.


Speed limits for Bahrain are 60km/h in towns, 80-100km/h on open roads and 120km/h on motorways.



You can drive using an International Driving Permit for up to a year.



Transport between the smaller islands is by motorboat or dhow. For details, contact local travel agents.

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