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Bahrain Weather, climate and geography

Weather and climate

Best time to visit

June to October, hot and humid (32°C/89°F), December to April, mild (15-25°C/59-77°F). December through to March can be quite cool. Rainfall is slight and occurs mainly in winter. The best time to visit Bahrain is between February to April and October to December when the sky is free from heat haze and the weather sunny without being oppressive. The times to avoid, other than the punishing mid-summer months, are Ramadan (when restaurants are closed during the day) and the two Eid holidays (when hotels are in high demand from Saudi visitors).

Required clothing

Lightweight cottons and linens from spring to autumn, mediumweight clothes from November to March. Warmer clothes are necessary in winter and on cool evenings.


Bahrain is a mostly flat archipelago of desert islands off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. The main island has a supply of fresh water, unique in the region, both on land and offshore. There are extensive date plantations and market gardens near Manama. The strategic 25km-long (16 miles) King Fahad Causeway links Bahrain with Saudi Arabia and a new causeway will in future link Bahrain with Qatar.

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