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Bathe at the lowest point on Earth

Just 30 minutes outside of Amman is the Dead Sea, a salt lake some 400m (1,312ft) below sea level. It's the lowest (and saltiest) place on the planet and is also the ideal spot for a float as its famous hypersaline waters keen bathers above the waves. Join the hordes slathering themselves with its mineral-packed mud: immortality and china-smooth skin await.

Climb to the top of Citadel Hill

Amman was originally built atop seven hills and upon the highest is Jabal al-Qalaa (Amman Citadel), where the ruins of the Roman Temple of Hercules, erected under Emperor Marcus Aurelius, sit. While it’s easier to get a taxi up, the walk from Al-Malek Ali bin al-Hussein Street is worth it.

Have a snooze at the Cave of Seven Sleepers

Located 10km (6 miles) outside of Amman is this offbeat tourist attraction. The caves are reportedly where seven persecuted Christian boys took refuge from the Roman Empire, and slept for 309 years. The footing is a bit rough, so it's best to leave the sandals back at the ranch.