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Shopping in Muscat

Shopping in Oman is a delight, thanks to the country's rich craft heritage and the the purity of its silver.

Key areas

Two specialist craft shops are the Bait Muzna Gallery, Akl-Saidiya Street, Old Muscat, and the not-for-profit Omani Heritage Gallery, Way 2817, Shatti al-Qurm, both of which sell quality craft items. While you're in the vicinity of the latter, indulge in some chocolate-covered dates from Bateel, Way 2817, in the Shatti al-Qurm shopping complex opposite.


You can buy silver items such as khanja, the ceremonial dagger worn by Omani men, in Mutrah Souk. This is also where fine pieces of Bedouin silver jewellery, often using Maria Theresa dollars (a coin used in Omani currency for many years), can be found. Frankincense, a hardened, aromatic resin grown in Dhofar in the south of Oman, makes another fun purchase.

Opening hours

Generally, shops open Saturday to Thursday 0800-0100 and 1630-2100. Some open Friday 1630-2100. Supermarkets (the most useful being Al-Fair and Lulu's) open early to late daily.