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Oman is blessed with a varied landscape that lends itself well to outdoor activities, from hiking, climbing and mountain biking to exploring the coastline. Muscat Diving and Adventure Center can organise such pursuits within and beyond Muscat, while Oman Diving Centre can enable you to explore the beneath the waves.

Tel: +968 2454 3002; +968 2482 4240.

Driving tours

Driving tours are usually tailor-made to each customer's interests and consist of a saloon car with air conditioning and a driver who often doubles as a guide. National Travel & Tourism has considerable experience in arranging city tours, while Mark Tours has a good reputation for adventure trips in and beyond Muscat.

Tel: +967 2466 0300; +968 2478 2727.

Muscat excursions


100 minutes from Muscat by car is Nizwa, at the base of the Hajar Mountains. Formerly the Omani capital, it sports a spectacular 17th-century fort and has a lively animal market on Thursday mornings. It also has a craft souk with some fine silver artefacts. It's a great base for exploring Jebel Akhdar, Jebel Shams and the Grand Canyon of Oman.

Tel: +968 2452 4400.

Bandar Khayran

An hour's drive southeast of Muscat, the coast becomes sharply indented in a series of sandstone fjords known as khors. The calm Bandar Khayran inlets provide many places to swim and the surrounding cliffs turn molten gold at sunset. To reach them, drive to the coastal town of Seifa. Alternatively, take a boat and enjoy the accompanying flotilla of dolphins.