Where to stay in Ontario


Both Ottawa and Toronto have international-standard hotels.

Grading: Accommodation is graded on an entirely voluntary basis through the Canada Select programme (www.canadaselect.com) programme, which grades hotels in, which grades hotels in Ontario according to a 5-star system, ranging from 5-star (deluxe) to 1-star (basic).

Bed and breakfast

For help with bed & breakfast accommodation, contact the Federation of Ontario Bed & Breakfast Accommodation (www.fobba.com).


The best way to explore the wilderness of the north with its lakes and forests is to hire a motorhome (known in Canada as a recreational vehicle or RV). A number of companies, such as Camping in Ontario (www.campinginontario.ca), can arrange rentals of fully equipped vehicles.

Other accomodation

Furnished cottages are available throughout the region.

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