Quebec Food and Drink

Québec proudly reflects a tradition of French culture, never more so than in the restaurants and cuisine of the province. As well as typically French dishes (with a Québecois twist), you can enjoy a wide range of global cuisines, from Italian and Greek to Vietnamese and Chinese.

You might pick up a smoked meat sandwich in a corner café or savour fresh seafood from the Gulf of St Lawrence in a high-end bistro. In summer, food trucks cluster in pockets of Montréal, serving everything from crêpes and waffles to pierogies and tacos.

Many farms across the province offer tours, where you can explore vineyards, orchards and sugar bushes and enjoy the flavours of the latest crop.


• Pork dishes such asragoût de boulettes (pork meatballs with seasoning), cretons du Québec (chilled minced pork), and beans and pork baked in maple syrup.
• Poutine (French fries with cheese curds and gravy).
• Game, such as wild boar, venison, caribou and wapiti (deer).
Tarte au sucre (maple sugar pie).
Galettes de sarasins (buckwheat cakes).

Things to know

Bars and other licensed venues can stay open daily until 0300. Government-run liquor stores (SAQ) sell a wide range of beer, wine and spirits. Beer and wine are also available in grocery stores, convenience stores (dépanneurs) and other retail locations. Look out for “apportezvotrevin” (“bring your own wine”) signs on restaurants where you can drink your own wine or beer.


It's customary to tip between 15 and 20% at bars and restaurants in Québec.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

• Wines and spirits based on maple syrup are a speciality of the region, among them maple cider and maple whisky.
• Apple, strawberry and other fruit wines from the Eastern Townships and other parts of Québec are widely available.

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