Where to stay in Quebec


The majority of the population lives in the south of the province, where all the large cities offer an extensive choice of hotel accommodation. Some of the best hotels in the country are in Montréal and Québec City, with small boutique hotels one of the fastest-growing sectors. Outside the cities, accommodation takes on a more rural flavour; lakeside lodges and cabins are very popular. Accommodation is often possible in private homes. There are also many resort properties, including several luxury casino resorts - and you can even stay in the famous Ice Hotel, just outside Québec City, in winter.

Grading: The Corporation de l'Industrie Touristique de Québec, a non-profit organisation, classifies and rates accommodation (citq.qc.ca). Accommodation is awarded 1 to 5 stars according to its facilities and level of comfort, while bed & breakfast establishments (gîtes) are awarded 1 to 5 suns for their atmosphere, architecture and welcome. The precise definition of the star allocation system varies according to the type of accommodation.

Bed and breakfast

There are numerous organisations in Québec that provide information regarding bed & breakfast accommodation, including Réseau des Gîtes Classifiés (www.gites-classifies.qc.ca) and L'Association de l'Agrotourisme et du Tourisme Gourmand du Québec (www.inns-bb.com).


All three national parks and many provincial parks offer campsites. Northern Québec is a vast area of forest and lakes and one of the best areas for wilderness camping in Canada, although much of it is not accessible by vehicle. A number of companies can arrange motorhome (known in Canada as recreational vehicles, or RVs) hire with a range of fully equipped vehicles.

Other accomodation

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