Quebec Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Quebec

Québec City and Montréal have excellent shopping facilities, both in large department stores and small street markets. Specialities include furs, Native American crafts, haute couture, antiques, specialist fashion boutiques and discount retail outlets.

In Montréal, Sainte-Catherine Street is home to international fashion retailers and elegant department stores, while the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood is known for chic décor shops and quirky boutiques. In the suburbs, Carrefour Laval is one of the larger malls. In Québec City, don't miss Petit-Champlain Street, a narrow, cobblestone street that is one of the oldest shopping thoroughfares in North America. For street caricaturists and art galleries, head to Trésor Street.

Shopping hours

Generally, Mon-Wed 0900-1800, Thurs-Fri 0900-2100 and Sat 0900-1700, but hours vary. Most shops are open on Sunday afternoons.

Nightlife in Quebec

Québec City and Montréal offer some of the best nightclubs and cabarets in Canada. In Montréal, the action seldom begins before 2200 and usually continues until 0300 the next morning. Nightlife is concentrated in the western part of the downtown area along Crescent and Bishop Streets and around Ste-Catherine Street, where there are many bars, restaurants and clubs of all kinds. For a particularly French flavour, try the many clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and bistros further east around Saint-Laurent (often known simply as 'The Main') and Saint-Denis. In Québec City, the wide boulevard called Grande Allée, just outside the old city walls, hums with activity in clubs and bars until late at night.

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