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Every November for two weekends in a row, the hip and cultural East Austin turns into a walking tour of pop-up art galleries. This is a great way...


Started in 2006, this formerly tiny festival is now competing in the big leagues of festivals such as SXSW and ACL. The motive of Fun Fun Fun Fest...


Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Houston is the biggest holiday parade in Texas, attracting crowds of 400,000 people. Highlights include...

Alamo, San Antonio, Texas
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Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

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Texas Travel Guide

Key Facts

692,190 sq km (267,256 sq miles).


27.5 million (2015).

Population density

39.7 per sq km.



Home to vast mountain ranges, broad plains, beautiful beaches, rolling countryside and countless miles of uninhabitable desert, Texas is arguably one of the most awe-inspiring states in the USA. “Everything is bigger in Texas,” goes the slogan – and there’s some truth in it. Similar in size to France, almost everything in Texas appears larger than life: the mountains, the cities, the food portions, and yes, some of the people too.

The so-called Lone Star State is world renowned for its Wild West spirit and a brazen “don’t mess with Texas” attitude. But there is more to this state than big-headed cowboys, small-town girls and nationalistic defiance. Texas is home to cosmopolitan cities, sprinkled with creative businesses, smart urban types, internet millionaires and artistic communities.

The capital Austin is dynamic and happening, with a lively music scene, retro vibe and boutique stores. The state’s largest city, Houston, is an expansive, multi-ethnic metropolis with plenty of charm and is famously the home of NASA. Dallas glitters with a shimmering high-rise skyline, elegant stores, fine restaurants and a rich cultural and sporting life.

The beautiful city of San Antonio is home to the stunning River Walk – a picturesque riverbank lined with cafés and restaurant – plus one of the state’s most famous historical monuments, The Alamo. If you’re after a small-town America experience, visit sleepy Fort Worth, with its Old West charm, Saturday night rodeos and country western line dancing.

For an altogether wilder experience, saddle up at a working cattle ranch, lounge on unspoilt Gulf Coast beaches and discover national parks such as Big Bend or Guadalupe Mountains. Whatever you do, a warm welcome awaits. Texans are friendly folk and their indomitable spirit is bound to bowl you over.