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Travel Features

Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland

Summer adventures in Switzerland

Trade your snowboard for sunglasses in Switzerland with our guide to snow-free summer fun, writes Lucy Levin

A surprised hotel guest

Quirky accommodations

If sleeping in a bed of ice or camping off the edge of a cliff sounds like your type of holiday, check out this list of unique accommodation

Aurora borealis

The wild camping survival guide

Forget designated campsites – wild camping is all about going off the grid. This guide covers what you need to know before your adventure

Overwater bungalows in Tahiti, French Polynesia

Where to go on holiday in July 2019

From music festivals in Copenhagen to camel racing in the Australian outback, and sun-drenched Guernsey to exotic Tahiti, we’ve got July’s best holidays nailed

Boston with a twist

Lace up your shoes, unique Boston experiences are only a walk away, writes Lucy Levin