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Bruce Lee Street Art

From vandalism to masterpiece: Malaysia’s street art revolution

Street artists who would have once been arrested for vandalism in Malaysia now count among the country's rising creative stars

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Indonesian island hopping: 10 of the best islands

Indonesia’s accessible island chains allow travellers in search of blissful beach scenes and tropical adventure to island-hop to their heart’s content

Should ‘we’ visit indigenous communities?

Visiting an indigenous community can offer great insight into local customs and cultures, but who is benefiting? World Travel Guide investigates

Camping in England’s churches

Since the initiative launched in 2015, the unique concept of “Champing™” has become increasingly more popular across England

Traveling on a budget

Holiday on a budget: 21 great travel tips

If you’re craving a break but feeling the squeeze, don’t panic. It’s possible to travel on a budget without compromising on quality