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Morocco: Doing business and staying in touch

Doing Business in Morocco

Although you will find French-influenced business culture in Morocco, the country is still an Arabic-speaking Muslim country and consequently, it is wise to practise appropriate cultural sensitivity.

Business meetings are formal, and attire is likewise formal, smart and subdued. Women should ensure that their legs and arms are covered, while men should wear suits and ties.

Appointments should be arranged in advance and should not coincide with prayer times – check with your local contact on the prayer times. Bring an interpreter.

In Morocco, a handshake (between men) or kisses on the cheek (between women) are common. Nonetheless, things may get complicated between a man and a woman, as some devout Muslims may not want to shake a female's hand, and equally, some foreign females may find it challenging to kiss another female on the cheek. If in doubt, give a nod, smile, and politely ask if the person would mind a handshake.

Office Hours

Mon-Fri 0900-1200 and 1500-1830.
On Fridays, most companies, shops and institutions shut from 1100-1500.


Strategically located in North Africa and close to Europe, Morocco has invested wisely in its seaport infrastructure and the free trade zone near Tangier, improving its competitiveness.

Key sectors of the economy include agriculture, tourism, aerospace, automotive, phosphates, textiles, apparel, and subcomponents.


US$279.30 billion (2019).

Main exports

Automobiles, insulated wiring, fertilizers, phosphoric acid, clothing and apparel.

Main imports

Refined petroleum, vehicle parts, natural gas, coal, low-voltage protection equipment.

Main trading partners

Spain, France, China, USA, Germany.

Keeping in Touch in Morocco


With mobile networks so readily available, public payphones are becoming rare.

Mobile Phone

Morocco has excellent mobile coverage in cities and towns, but coverage is limited in remote areas.


Most hotels provide Wi-Fi.

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