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Morocco Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Morocco

Shopping in souks (traditional bazaars) is a way of life in Morocco – as families go there daily to buy what they need for the day. Souks fascinate travellers and now they are one of Morocco's greatest attractions.

The larger souks are often loosely divided into sections hosting different trades and vendors, such as spice merchants, carpet sellers and jewellery makers. Haggling is essential. A good tip is to start at 20% of the asking price and negotiate your bid from there.

Beyond traditional markets, Morocco Mall, stretching over 10 hectares (25 acres) with 70,000m² of retail space in Casablanca, is home to over 600 local and international brands.

Popular souvenirs include hand-woven Berber carpets, lanterns, babouches (Moroccan slippers), djellaba (a loose hooded robe), spices and handicrafts.

Shopping Note

Beware of fake souvenirs and avoid sellers who want payments first and promise to ship the products to you later.

Shopping hours

Most souks open from 0900-2000, but those near a food market may stay later.

Morocco Mall operates from 1000-2100 and may extend for another hour on Fridays and Saturdays.

Nightlife in Morocco

The traditional after-dark entertainment is to head to the medina and watch street performers, including musicians playing their rhythmic melodies on a mixture of flutes, lutes, drums, and a violin-style instrument known as Kamanjā or kemanche.

Then there are bars, clubs, and restaurants that stage live music or belly dancing as part of the evening's entertainment. Bear in mind that not all restaurants and hotels serve alcohol.

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