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Tunis Nightlife

The nightlife scene in the centre of Tunis is pretty limited. The café terraces along Avenue Habib Bourguiba are bursting with people until late evening, but no alcohol is served. A popular place to go in the evening, particularly in summer, are the cafés in Sidi Bou Said, where you can sip mint tea, smoke a narguileh (water pipe) and watch the crowds go by.

Most cultural events in Tunis take place in summer, particularly during the Festival de Carthage. Listings of cultural events can be found in the local press.

Bars in Tunis

Bar Jamaica

The bars where alcohol is served in Tunis are raucous affairs, where men only down beers as fast as they can. A notable exception is Bar Jamaica, located on the 10th floor of the Hotel el-Hana International, with great views, lounge music and a good, mixed crowd.

Address: , 49 avenue Habib Bourguiba, Tunis, 1015
Telephone: +216 71 331 144


Oscars is a good venue in Tunis for live music at the weekend.

Address: , Rue de Marseille, Tunis,

Clubs in Tunis

Hotel Plaza Corniche

The large resort hotels in La Marsa and Gammarth all have nightclubs, with one of the best at the Hotel Plaza Corniche. There is a good bar with a sea view and a lively club downstairs.

Address: , 22 rue du Maroc, La Marsa‎, Tunis,
Telephone: +216 71 743 577

Villa Didon Carthage

More great sea views here, and a pumping sound system, make this a great clubbing option in Tunis.

Address: Carthage, Rue Mendes France, Byrsa Hill, Tunis, 2016
Telephone: +216 71 733 433

Live music in Tunis

Le Boeuf sur le Toit

Le Boeuf sur le Toit is a lively bar-restaurant in Tunis attracting a trendy crowd, with a dancefloor, good DJs, live music at weekends and Sunday jazz evenings.

Address: La Soukra, 3 avenue Fatouma Bourguiba, Tunis, 2036
Telephone: +216 71 764 807

Classical music in Tunis

Dar Ennejma Ezzahra

Traditional music concerts in Tunis often take place at Dar Ennejma Ezzahra in Sidi Bou Said.

Address: Sidi Bou Said, 8 rue du 2 Mars 1934, Tunis, 2026
Telephone: +216 71 740 102

Dance in Tunis

Theatres in Tunis

Théâtre d'Art Ben Abdallah

Théâtre d'Art Ben Abdallah is another good theatre in Tunis which puts on good films and plays.

Address: , 6 impasse Ben Abdallah , Tunis, 1000
Telephone: +216 54 814 246

Théâtre de l'Étoile du Nord

Tunis has a few good theatres, but the plays are in French or in Arabic. Théâtre de l'Étoile du Nord has good plays and regular concerts.

Address: Le Kram, 41 avenue Farhat Hached, Tunis,
Telephone: +216 71 256 242

Music and Dance in Tunis

Culture in Tunis

Featured Hotels


Dar el-Medina

This small luxury boutique hotel, the first in the medina, is located in the grand Belouahane family mansion, and still run by the family. It blends traditional architecture with contemporary tastes and amenities, with individually styled rooms to make you feel like you're in a jewel box, plus a lovely courtyard and roof terrace for relaxing.

Grand Hôtel de France

This old-fashioned French colonial hotel in Tunis has immaculate and comfortable rooms oozing character and period detail. Rooms at the back are quieter and overlook a pleasant courtyard.

Hotel Africa

This recently refurbished business-oriented hotel is one of the city's landmarks right in the middle of avenue Habib Bourguiba. The rooms are spacious, well-furnished and command great views over Tunis. The location is superb and there is a well-equipped business centre.

Villa Didon Carthage

This futuristic designer hotel on Byrsa Hill offers 10 ultra-spacious rooms immaculately furnished by Ron Arad and Philippe Starck. The rooms with large windows and balconies have plunging views over ancient Carthage, the Med and the city of Tunis, and the service is excellent. There's a great spa, bar and restaurant to round out the experience.

Dar Fatma

Overlooking the whole of Sidi Bou Said, Dar Fatma is a small and welcoming traditional house in Tunis, scrubbed clean and decorated with great style and care, with modern furniture against bare walls and Tunisian woodwork. Glorious yet intimate.

Dar Said

In a quiet back street, in the heart of the picturesque village of Sidi Bou Said, is this charming hotel set around four patios filled with bougainvillea. Whitewashed walls and blue window frames give everything a clean air. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, furnished in local style, and there is a small pool in the garden. The service is excellent, and there are some good restaurants within a minute's walk from the front door.