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Travel to Maldives

Flying to Maldives

Maldivian ( is the national carrier. British Airways ( operates direct flights from the UK. Flights year-round are fairly expensive, but they are especially high during Christmas and the winter months.

The major airport is: Malé Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

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Malé Ibrahim Nasir International Airport




Malé Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is located on Hulhulé Island, about 4.6km (2.9 miles) northeast of Malé in the Maldives.


+960 332 5511

AddressNorth Malé Atoll
Airport Main Road
Hulhulé Island

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Flight times

From London - 10 hours; New York - 18 hours (including stopover).

Departure tax


Travelling to Maldives by Rail

Driving to Maldives

Getting to Maldives by boat

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