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Travel to Turkmenistan

Flying to Turkmenistan

The national airline is Turkmenistan Airlines ( There are no direct flights to Turkmenistan from the UK. Options include flights with Turkish Airlines ( via Istanbul, Lufthansa ( via Frankfurt, or S7 Airlines ( via Moscow (the first leg is operated by British Airways). From the USA, the quickest route is via Frankfurt with Lufthansa.

Airport Guides

Ashgabat International Airport




The airport is approximately 13km (8 miles) northwest of the city centre.


Flight times

From London - 9 hours (including stopover); from New York - 17 hours (including stopover).

Departure tax

Included in the air fare. However, you have to pay an arrival fee of US$12-14 depending on your nationality.

Travelling to Turkmenistan by Rail

There are no international rail services into Turkmenistan. Only freight trains use the modern link from Iran.

Driving to Turkmenistan

Getting to Turkmenistan by boat

Ferry operators

There are ferries to Turkmenbashi (formerly Krasnovodsk) from Baku (Azerbaijan) and an irregular service to Astrakhan (Russia). It is theoretically possible to travel from Moscow to Turkmenbashi via the Volga River and the Caspian Sea without setting foot on dry land.