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Travel to Bermuda

Flying to Bermuda

Bermuda has no national airline. British Airways ( operates regular flights to Bermuda from London Gatwick. American Airlines ( flies from New York and Miami.

The major airport is: Bermuda L.F Wade International.

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Bermuda L. F. Wade International Airport




Bermuda's L. F. Wade International Airport is situated on St David's Island, about 6 nautical miles (or 11km/7mi as the crow flies) to the northeast of Hamilton, Bermuda's capital.


+1 441 293 2470

Kindley Field Rd
St George's

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Flight times

From London - 7 hours 45 minutes; New York - 2 hours 10 minutes.

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Travelling to Bermuda by Rail

Driving to Bermuda

Getting to Bermuda by boat

The traditional port is the City of Hamilton, the capital, and the most commercial area on the island.

Many ships and private yachts anchor at the Town of St George, where visitors can walk off the vessel into charming narrow lanes with 17th-century buildings and small boutiques.

The West End, Bermuda's third port of call, is becoming trendy; its Royal Naval Dockyard, which was the British Royal Navy's headquarters until 1995, has been beautifully restored as a mini-village.

Cruise ships

Several cruise lines depart to Bermuda from US ports. Cruises operate in the summer months, between April and October, and suspend services during the winter.

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