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Bosnia and Herzegovina Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Traditional purchases include woodcarvings, brass coffee-pots, ceramics, handmade carpets, woollen goods, wines, folk-art, tapestries, embroidery and leather boxes. Souvenirs, particular to Bosnia and Herzegovina and stark reminders of the past Yugoslav War, are the engraved artillery shell casings that are available at the Bascarsija bazaar in Sarajevo.

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Nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital, has some of the best nightlife in southeast Europe. In addition to numerous cosmopolitan bars and nightclubs there is also a wealth of cinemas and theatres, along with music venues that stage everything from jazz to opera. The city apparently has more cafes per capita than any other European city and a relaxed cafe culture is prevalent. There are also several annual festivals, particularly in the summertime, that showcase jazz, theatre and film.

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