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Bosnia and Herzegovina Weather, climate and geography

Weather and climate

Best time to visit

Dominated by mountainous and hilly terrain, and drained by major rivers to the north (Sava) and east (Drina), Bosnia and Herzegovina has a climate that is as variable as the rest of the former Yugoslav federation, with moderate continental climatic conditions generally the norm (very cold winters and hot summers).

Required clothing

In winter, heavyweight clothing and overcoat. In summer, lightweight clothing and raincoat required, with mediumweight clothing at times in the colder and wetter north, and at higher altitudes elsewhere.


Roughly triangular in shape, and the geopolitical centre of the former Yugoslav Federation, Bosnia and Herzegovina shares borders with Serbia in the east, Montenegro in the southeast, and Croatia to the north and west, with a short Adriatic coastline of 20km (12 miles) in the south, but no ports.

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