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The largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey (officially the Bailiwick of Jersey) has the charms of a quaint and quiet island few people can resist. This laid-back haven promises an authentic sand-between-your-toes holiday. Beyond the beach, undulating farmlands stretch inland, dappled with wild meadows, vineyards and dreamy stargazing spots.

Holidaymakers don't come to Jersey to check sites off a bucket list. They come to cycle the quiet country lanes, spend hours on beautiful beaches, linger over delicious meals, and find the best spot to watch the sunset.

But not all visitors to Jersey stick to the more sedate pursuits. There are plenty of opportunities to surf the curls of turquoise waters (St Ouen's Bay is the perfect place to paddle out and enjoy the swells), take the kayak out to discover secluded bays, rock climb or coasteering if you wish.

This unbeatable holiday destination is also easily accessible. Lying about 23km (14 miles) from the coast of Normandy in France and 137km (85 miles) south of the English coast, Jersey is linked to various European destinations by flights and ferries. So get on board one and come here to lap up the good life.

Key facts


117 sq km (45 sq miles).


107,800 (2019).

Population density:

869 per sq km.


St Helier.


Self-governing dependency of the British Crown.

Head of state:

HM King Charles III since 2022, represented locally by Lieutenant-Governor Jerry Kyd since 2022.

Head of government:

Chief Minister Kristina Moore since 2022.

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