Getting Around Jersey



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Car Hire

Car rentals are available in St Helier and at the airport. Most companies require the driver to be at over 21 years of age and have had a full license for at least a year. An international driving licence is required if the licence from your home country has non-Roman character sets.


Taxis are available for hire. One of the leading providers is Yellow Cabs (+44 534 888 888) which also has the Yellow Cabs Jersey app for passengers to download. Alternatively, try the Jersey Taxi App (


Cycling is a perfect way to explore Jersey. Accordingly, there are several bicycle hire companies dotted around the island. One of them is EvieBike (, which has 140 dockless electric bikes. You can rent it pay-as-you-go, half-day or full-day. Must download the app first.


LibertyBus is the local bus service covering almost all parts of the island. All passengers pay a flat fare on any route. You can also buy a transfer ticket (if you intend to catch more than one bus to reach your destination) or purchase a Discover Jersey Pass (with options from 1 to 7-day). Tickets can be purchased on board the bus or from the customer service desk at Liberation Station in St Helier.


The top speed limit in Jersey is 64kph (40mph).


Visitors who wish to drive in Jersey must have a valid driving licence and insurance certificate. All cars must have a national identity plate displayed on the rear.


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