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Denmark Health Care and Vaccinations

Title Special precautions
Diphtheria No
Hepatitis A No
Typhoid No
Tetanus Yes
Rabies No
Malaria No
Yellow Fever No

Health Care

Travel insurance is advised for all visitors. In some medical cases, if you are European, you might be able to receive free treatment if you can show proof of a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) obtained in your country of origin.

The overall standards of healthcare in Denmark are excellent. Hospitals and surgeries are well equipped and staff are proficient. In pharmacies, over-the-counter advice is given and standard medicines are sold.

Food and Drink

There's nothing to mark out Danish food as particularly risky to general health, in fact food hygiene standards are very high across the country. The tap water is also safe to drink. However, visitors are recommended not to drink from streams or lakes.

Other Risks

There are few risks associated with travelling to Denmark. Tick-borne encephalitis poses a minor risk in Bornholm Island and vaccination is advisable if you plan to visit. Other than that sunburn is likely to be the main issue. The usual precautions apply: use a generous amount of sunscreen and be sensible about how long you spend in direct sunlight. Be aware that a breezy day can sometimes mask high temperatures.

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