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Where to stay in Denmark


Hotels in Denmark can be booked at one of the provincial tourist offices. Denmark's fine beaches attract many visitors, and there are hotels and pensions in all major seaside resorts.

Grading: There is the Hotelstars Union grading system from 1 to 5 stars. 

Bed and breakfast

Excellent inns are to be found all over Denmark. Some are small and only cater for local custom, but others are tailored to the tourist and have established culinary reputations for both international dishes and local specialities. For further details, contact VisitDenmark.

There are private rooms to let, usually for one night, all over Denmark. Signs along the highway with zimmer frei or vårelse on them indicate availability of accommodation. In Copenhagen, rooms can be booked in person through the Tourist Information Department (see Accommodation Information) for a small fee. Local tourist offices may be contacted, either by writing or in person.


Campers must purchase a camping carnet, available at campsites. Over 500 campsites are officially recognised and graded for facilities and shelter. Prices vary greatly; it is half price for children under four years. Grading is from 1 (lowest) to 5 stars (highest), controlled by the Danish Camping Board; approved sites carry the sign of a pyramid-shaped tent. For more information and a list of campsites, contact VisitDenmark.

Other accomodation

Introductions between families interested in home exchange for short periods can be arranged. The major expense for participants is travel, plus a fee of kr500. The best period (because of school holidays) is from late June to early August.
There are 100 Youth and Family Hostels scattered around Denmark, all of which take members of affiliated organisations. A membership card from the National Youth Hostel Association is required. Hostels are classified from 1 to 5 stars.
Rooms are often available for rent in farmhouses. Visitors stay as paying guests of the family and, although it is not expected, are welcome to help with the daily chores of the farm. Alternatively, in some cases, separate apartments are available close to the main farmhouse. Many farms have their own fishing streams. All holiday homes and farmhouses are inspected and approved by the local tourist office.
Chalets are available in various parts of the country.

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