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Denmark Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Denmark

Copenhagen has excellent shopping facilities. Special purchases include Bing & Grøndal and Royal Copenhagen porcelain, Holmegård glass, Bornholm ceramics, handmade woollens from the Faroe Islands and Lego toys. Visitors from outside the EU can often claim back some of the MOMS (VAT) on goods purchased that are sent straight to their home country from the shop in Denmark.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0900/1000-1730/1800, Sat 0900-1700. Supermarkets are often open Mon-Fri 0900-2000. Opening hours vary from town to town. At some holiday resorts, bakers, florists and souvenir shops are open Sunday and public holidays.

Nightlife in Denmark

There is a wide selection of nightlife, particularly in Copenhagen. Århus and Ålborg are also lively in the evenings. Jazz and dance clubs in the capital city are top quality and world-famous performers appear regularly. There are numerous cafés, beer gardens and speciality beer bars. Entertainment includes opera at the recently opened opera house in Copenhagen, ballet and theatre at a number of venues in the larger cities, and live music of all kinds.

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