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Pristina Nightlife

Whether you mingle with ex-pats downing Guinness and Budweiser or the trendier Kosovar IT-crowd in hip nightclubs, there is beer, bonhomie and banging tunes to suit all tastes, particularly around Garibaldi and Fehmi Agani streets, and Pejton (Peyton) district.

Pristina has a modest yet growing cultural scene as Albanian-Kosovar identity rediscovers self-expression. Show ticket prices are extremely inexpensive. Keep tabs on events in Pristina Insight (tel: (038) 243 358), a free, bi-weekly publication usually featuring theatre and cinema listings.

Bars in Pristina


Plunge into the icy-cool of people-watching spot Legere.

Perandori Justinian 2
Tel: (+377) (044) 605 457.

Address: , , ,


Meet up at the chic Rings lounge bar-cum-restaurant to quaff a chardonnay.

Nënë Tereza
Tel: (+377) (044) 247 999.

Address: , , ,

Strip Depot

Enjoy the avant-garde comic-book themed world of Strip Depot.

Rexhep Luci 6/1
Tel: (038) 222 888.

Address: , , ,

Clubs in Pristina


Super-cool Duplex's dance-floor heaves in warehouse-sized dimensions centrally located on Pallati i Rinisë.

Address: , , ,
Telephone: (+386) (049) 554 555.


Not far from the centre is Kosovo's premier nightspot Spray Club. Its spacious, minimalist interior regularly hosts some of the region's best DJs.

Industrial Zone South, Veternik
Tel: (+386) (049) 118 518.

Address: , , ,

Live music in Pristina

Jazz Club 212

Funky tones are on offer at Pristina's long-time favourite, Jazz Club 212.

Mbreti Leka Zogu
Tel: (+377) (044) 167 286.

Address: , , ,

Why Not

Why Not mashes blues, funk, and rock performances along with evenings of freestyle jamming and even karaoke.

Peyton Village
Tel: (+377) (044) 190 854.

Address: , , ,

Classical music in Pristina

Dance in Pristina

Theatres in Pristina

Kombëtar Theatre

The national Kombëtar Theatre hosts highbrow theatre events, including performances from the Kosovo Ballet, and is one of the venues for the annual film and theatre festival, Skena Up (

Boulevard Nënë Tereza
Tel: (038) 224 397.

Address: , , ,

Teatri ODA

The small, independent ODA Theatre showcases plays, concerts and November's annual jazz festival (

Pallati i Rinisë dhe i Sporteve 111
Tel: (038) 246 555.

Address: , , ,

Music and Dance in Pristina

Culture in Pristina

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Featured Hotels


Hotel Ambasador

Small and boutique in size, Hotel Ambasador's contemporary rooms represent one of Pristina's classiest options. Winter chill is kept at bay by indoors saunas and a roaring log fire in the dining room.

Hotel Victory

There's an air of triumphalism about Hotel Victory with its palatial exterior and rooftop Statue of Liberty. Comfortable if chintzy rooms with excellent highway access making it popular with business clientele.

Hotel Afa

Perched on a quiet hillside location with views over the city centre, Afa's large airy rooms are extremely popular with internationals and NGOs. Discounts are available to citizens from countries recognising Kosovo.

Guesthouse Velania

Run by a professor, this guest house is a real cheapie in a three-storey building located in Velania's leafy neighbourhood. It exudes a homey ambience. Breakfast not included.

Grand Hotel

Hulking ex-Yugoslav monolith with a cavernous interior stay at Pristina's famous Grand Hotel for a retro trip down Eastern Bloc's memory lane. Blessed with the most central location in Pristina on Nënë Tereza.

Hotel Begolli

Boxy outside appearance with brightly furnished no-thrills rooms. Excellent value for the budget-conscious and close by the old Ottoman quarter and market.