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Shopping in Pristina

Pristina's retail therapy opportunities are mediocre. As a legacy of economic neglect over many years, the city centre has a lot of smaller independent shops selling prosaic everyday goods, particularly corner stores.

Key areas

At Antika (Agim Ramadani) and Ginger (Edith Durham 82), look for quirky souvenirs and bric-a-brac, such as reproductions of the famous Dardinian goddess statue. International NGO promoting women's rights, Women for Women, has an outlet on UÇK 42 selling beautiful handicrafts.


The city bazaar is more rewarding for its hustle and bustle rather than veggies and fake designer labels. On the plus side, Kosovan craftspeople produce some fine handiwork such as silver filigree and wood engravings - although Prizren is a better city to buy such items.

Shopping centres

Larger supermarkets are springing up in the suburbs. In the Industrial Zone, you'll find Pristina's City Park Hypermarket, a two-storey shopping complex housing several clothes shops.

Opening hours

General city shopping hours are Monday to Saturday 0800-1900 with hypermarkets typically open 0800-2100.

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Featured Hotels


Hotel Ambasador

Small and boutique in size, Hotel Ambasador's contemporary rooms represent one of Pristina's classiest options. Winter chill is kept at bay by indoors saunas and a roaring log fire in the dining room.

Hotel Victory

There's an air of triumphalism about Hotel Victory with its palatial exterior and rooftop Statue of Liberty. Comfortable if chintzy rooms with excellent highway access making it popular with business clientele.

Hotel Afa

Perched on a quiet hillside location with views over the city centre, Afa's large airy rooms are extremely popular with internationals and NGOs. Discounts are available to citizens from countries recognising Kosovo.

Guesthouse Velania

Run by a professor, this guest house is a real cheapie in a three-storey building located in Velania's leafy neighbourhood. It exudes a homey ambience. Breakfast not included.

Grand Hotel

Hulking ex-Yugoslav monolith with a cavernous interior stay at Pristina's famous Grand Hotel for a retro trip down Eastern Bloc's memory lane. Blessed with the most central location in Pristina on Nënë Tereza.

Hotel Begolli

Boxy outside appearance with brightly furnished no-thrills rooms. Excellent value for the budget-conscious and close by the old Ottoman quarter and market.