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With tourism so new in Kosovo there is little in the way of organized city tours, and guides remain in short supply. A Kosovo-based NGO known as ORTA arrange heritage and cultural walks and tours in Pristina and outside the city. Intours & Travel can organise tailor-made city tours with advance notice.

Tel: (0390) 362 150 ; (038) 552 103.

Pristina excursions

Novo Brdo

Just 30km (18 miles) north of Pristina, the mountains and rustic villages around Novo Brdo are a breath of fresh air. Besides opportunities for hiking and mountain biking and visiting ancient citadels, a well-run rural tourism project has been established to enable visitors to stay and eat with both Albanian and Serb Kosovar villagers and experience wonderful hospitality. Highly recommended.

Tel: (+377) (044) 465 471.


Experience atmospheric traditional Albanian architecture of mosques and three-storied wood and stone houses known as kulla in Gjakovë, located 90 minutes from Pristina. Amid cobblestone streets, one elegantly restored example of a kulla, dating partially back to the 17th century, is Hotel Çarshia e Jupave (tel: (390) 326 798). It offers scrumptious Albanian cuisine.