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Pristina tours and excursions

Pristina tours

Walking tours

With tourism so new in Kosovo there is little in the way of organized city tours, and guides remain in short supply. A Kosovo-based NGO known as ORTA arrange heritage and cultural walks and tours in Pristina and outside the city. Intours & Travel can organise tailor-made city tours with advance notice.

Tel: (0390) 362 150 ; (038) 552 103.

Pristina excursions

Novo Brdo

Just 30km (18 miles) north of Pristina, the mountains and rustic villages around Novo Brdo are a breath of fresh air. Besides opportunities for hiking and mountain biking and visiting ancient citadels, a well-run rural tourism project has been established to enable visitors to stay and eat with both Albanian and Serb Kosovar villagers and experience wonderful hospitality. Highly recommended.

Tel: (+377) (044) 465 471.


Experience atmospheric traditional Albanian architecture of mosques and three-storied wood and stone houses known as kulla in Gjakovë, located 90 minutes from Pristina. Amid cobblestone streets, one elegantly restored example of a kulla, dating partially back to the 17th century, is Hotel Çarshia e Jupave (tel: (390) 326 798). It offers scrumptious Albanian cuisine.

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Featured Hotels


Hotel Ambasador

Small and boutique in size, Hotel Ambasador's contemporary rooms represent one of Pristina's classiest options. Winter chill is kept at bay by indoors saunas and a roaring log fire in the dining room.

Hotel Victory

There's an air of triumphalism about Hotel Victory with its palatial exterior and rooftop Statue of Liberty. Comfortable if chintzy rooms with excellent highway access making it popular with business clientele.

Hotel Afa

Perched on a quiet hillside location with views over the city centre, Afa's large airy rooms are extremely popular with internationals and NGOs. Discounts are available to citizens from countries recognising Kosovo.

Guesthouse Velania

Run by a professor, this guest house is a real cheapie in a three-storey building located in Velania's leafy neighbourhood. It exudes a homey ambience. Breakfast not included.

Grand Hotel

Hulking ex-Yugoslav monolith with a cavernous interior stay at Pristina's famous Grand Hotel for a retro trip down Eastern Bloc's memory lane. Blessed with the most central location in Pristina on Nënë Tereza.

Hotel Begolli

Boxy outside appearance with brightly furnished no-thrills rooms. Excellent value for the budget-conscious and close by the old Ottoman quarter and market.