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Travel to Kosovo

Flying to Kosovo

Kosova Airlines ( is the national airline. Air Prishtina ( and Germania ( operate direct flights to Kosovo from the UK.

Airport Guides

Prishtina International Airport




Pristina International Airport is located 18km (11 miles) southwest of the city centre.


(038) 595 8123


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Flight times

From London - 3 hours; New York - 12 hours 30 minutes (including stopover).

Departure tax

Included in the air fare.

Travelling to Kosovo by Rail

The only international service is the daily train from Skopje, Macedonia.

Driving to Kosovo

Be prepared for delays at border crossings. Buses connect Kosovo with Albania, Macedonia. Montenegro.

Note: Leaving Kosovo, you can only enter Serbia if you came from there, since the Serbian authorities don't recognise Kosovar border stamps.

Getting to Kosovo by boat

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