Slovenia Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Slovenia

Typical Slovenian souvenirs include bobbin lace, crystal glass and wine. Tourists should also look our for 'beehive art,' also known aspanjska koncnica, which stems from the traditional technique of using panels from beehives as canvases. Today artists still use these panels to paint landscapes, religious scenes and fables, though mostly the tradition is maintained for the tourist trade.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0800-1900, Sat 0800-1300.

Nightlife in Slovenia

Larger towns have their fair share of nightclubs and cinemas, however, Ljubljana is the cultural capital. It has an opera house and the symphony orchestra plays regularly in the Big Hall of the Cultural and Congress Centre.

As Ljubljana has a large student population, the bar and club scene is lively with a cosmopolitan feel. Music and fashion are on par with larger European cities and parties can carry on well into the morning.

Metelkova Mesto (, Ljubljana's former military barracks, has some of the most interesting clubs. Maribor is Slovenia's second university city and it too has a good nightlife, while the main action along the coast happens in the resort of Portoroz.

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