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Guided City Tours

As Ankara isn't a big tourist destination there aren't many local tour agencies. If you want to explore the city with a local guide, it's usually best to book with an operator in Istanbul or in Cappadocia. Turkish Heritage Travel in Göreme can organise bespoke Ankara itineraries for tourists.

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Ankara Monuments Tours

Tour guide Burak Sansal offers a half-day Ankara tour as part of his wide range of Turkey tours. The tour concentrates on the city's two top sights: the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations and the Anıtkabir. It can also be combined with a Hattuşa excursion or a Cappadocia tour.


Ankara excursions


A three-hour drive (230km) brings you to Boğazkale village and the ruins of Hattuşa, the ancient capital of the Hittites (1340-1200BC). Highlights of this UNESCO World Heritage site, scattered across the hillside, include the Great Temple, and Yer Kapı with its tunnel and stairway leading to the Sphinx Gate.



The rock formations and Byzantine rock-church remnants of Cappadocia (270km east of Ankara) deserve at least an overnight trip. Base yourself in Göreme, home to the famed fresco-filled churches of Göreme Open-Air Museum, and then strike out into the surrounding valleys of weirdly-shaped rock to discover more hidden rock-cut churches.