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Jersey Food and Drink

Jersey has an excellent range of restaurants to cater for every taste. Seafood is very popular and a wide selection of home-grown produce is available; scallops, oysters, spider crabs and lobster are particularly good. Fresh seafood can be bought from the local fish market. Jersey cows are renowned for their rich and creamy milk. The island has an enviable reputation for good cuisine whether in small pubs, wine bars or high-class restaurants.


Bean crock (dried beans with onions, herbs and pig trotters).
Fiottes (balls of flour, sugar and eggs, cooked in milk).
La Soupe d'anguilles (conger eel soup).
• Cream tea (served with strawberries).

Things to know

Licensing hours are 0900-2300 for restaurants and 1100-2300 for pubs and bars.


In general, this follows UK practice.