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Where to stay in Lebanon


Following the large-scale destruction during the civil war, Beirut's hotels have now all been rebuilt, and a number of new ones added, including the presence of international and luxury hotels such as Radisson, Sheraton and Four Seasons plus boutique properties such as Le Gray. Lebanon today offers accommodation to suit all budgets and the Ministry of Tourism publishes an annual hotel guide, which lists most of the hotels in the country. Outside Beirut, hotels are less common, particularly in the south. Visitors are advised to check reservations through a Lebanese representative at home before departing. Winter and summer rates are the same. Accommodation rates are normally subject to a 15% service charge.

Grading: Hotels are classified from 1 to 5 stars and deluxe. Prices are usually quoted in US dollars and only hotels with rooms costing more than US$50 tend to accept credit cards.

Bed and breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts are an increasingly popular option but standards vary widely. Contact the Ministry of Tourism for details. L’Hote Libanais is an organisation offering bed and breakfast accommodation in an array of different buildings from private homes to monasteries all over the country (see


There are a number of campsites throughout Lebanon, notably in Amchite, near Byblos, and particularly in mountainous regions, such as Barouk and Chouk. For further information on campsites, cheap rooms, youth hostels and work camps, contact the Ministry of Tourism.

Other accomodation

Apartments: Furnished apartments are available for hire on a weekly basis in Beirut and other major cities in Lebanon. These usually cater to people coming to Lebanon for a long-term stay, but they can also be a cost-effective option for families or small groups of travellers. Apartments range from studios to three or more bedrooms, and they typically include fully equipped kitchens. The buildings usually offer hotel-type services, such as laundry service, housekeeping, linens, television and a telephone service.

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