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Saudi Arabia Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Saudi Arabia

Souks sell incense and holders, jewellery, bronze and brassware, richly decorated daggers and swords, and in the Eastern Province, huge brass-bonded chests. Bargaining is often expected, even for modern goods such as cameras and electrical equipment (which can be very good value).

Shopping hours

Sun-Fri 0900-1300 and 1630-2000 (Ramadan 2000-0100). Hours differ in various parts of the country.

Nightlife in Saudi Arabia

Given the Kingdom’s strict laws against alcohol and music, visitors should not expect to find clubs, bars, or typical live music. But entertainment is still occasionally on offer, such as traditional sword dancing and drumming, which can be hosted at restaurants or hotels.

Another good bet is to follow listings at the King Fahd Cultural Centre, in Riyadh, where recent events have included several concerts.