Where to stay in Texas


There are many good hotels in Texas including a majority of modern national and international hotel and motel chains, often with standard prices. In general, the quality of accommodation is high, with standard amenities such as television, telephone and very often broadband or Wi-Fi in each room. Hotels expect payment in advance and reservations are held until around 1800, unless late arrival is requested.

Grading: Basic categories fall into Super, Deluxe, Standard, Moderate and Economy. Prices vary according to standards.

Bed and breakfast

There is bed and brekfast accomodation across Texas. Signs are not generally displayed by individual homes, but most homes offering this service are listed in directories, which may be purchased by interested travellers. 'Bed & Breakfast inns' have up to 20 or so rooms, and are distinguished from 'country inns' in that the latter offer meals in addition to breakfast.


There is a wide choice of camping options across Texas, in the national parks, state parks, nature reserves and the coastal regions.

Other accomodation

There are numerous youth hostels across Texas. Membership is not necessary but reservations should be made two days prior to arrival via the Head Offices. Most hostels offer single and double accommodation for both men and women and many also have sports facilities.
There are ranches across Texas offering riding, participation in cattle drives, and traditional ranch accomodation.

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