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  The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. Available in English, German, French and Spanish versions, the WTG provides detailed and accurate travel content designed to inspire global travellers. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes offbeat travel news, stories, quizzes and guides for adventurous travellers.

Travel Features

City of Edinburgh

City Highlight: Edinburgh

World-class culture, striking architecture and a dazzling nightlife, Edinburgh is a city that will leave you awestruck and wanting more

Britain’s best train journeys

From chugging through the Scottish Highlands, to swooshing along the East Coast of England, here are Britain’s best train rides

Does voluntourism do more harm than good?

Hundreds of commercial volunteering organisations offer volunteer spots in developing countries, but are volunteers actually providing any benefits?

New York skyline

City Highlight: New York City

The legendary city that never sleeps, New York is a sparkling world of its own

An aerial shot of Abuna Yemata Guh by the Guardian.

Undiscovered Ethiopia: Abuna Yemata Guh in Tigray

Tigray, the northernmost region of Ethiopia, boasts over 100 ancient rock churches and a climb to Abuna Yemata Guh is a test of faith, writes Vivien Yap

Food and Drink

Vineyard in Germany

An introduction into German wine

Germany isn’t your typical wine country, but they make some of the best wine in the world

Vietnamese woman sells cocoes on the street

How to eat and drink well in Ho Chi Minh City

For exotic dishes paired with refreshing craft beers, East West Brewing Co. is the best guide to eat and drink well in Vietnam’s capital city


Edinburgh food & drink guide: 10 things to try in Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s traditional dishes are a little unconventional, but they’re definitely worth a try

American food; burgers and chips and soda

Top 10 American dishes to try in London

London may not have the Fourth of July fireworks, but this city has all the classic American dishes you need to celebrate properly

Pizza Napoletana

Naples food & drink guide: 10 things to try in Naples

The home of every Italian dish you know and love, Naples offers everything from classic pizza and pasta to fresh seafood and powerful volcanic wines

City Guides

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco


"Why did you have to come to Casablanca? There are other places." Humphrey Bogart's plea to Ingrid Bergman in the classic film Casablanca rings true for many tourists today


Closer to Bali than Bondi, Darwin’s laid-back, small-town vibe makes it a very different proposition to the shiny metropolises of the country’s East Coast


For Glasgow, it's been quite a makeover. Spruced-up neighbourhoods, revived Victorian architecture, stylish cafés and a revamped riverfront have propelled Scotland's biggest city to the top of the pile

Roofs of the Old City in Jerusalem


With over 3,000 years of history, Israel’s largest city and the spiritual centre of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions, Jerusalem is a truly unique destination. Nestled in the Judean Hills on the edge of the desert, for centuries the so-called Golden City has stood as the most worshipped, fought-over and loved city in the world


Sofia is a city with a sparkling future; it’s the energetically resilient Bulgarian capital that still revels in its own idiosyncrasies as it forges towards a more cultured and urbane existence

Country/ State/ Region Guides

MakgadikgadiNP, Botswana


Easily one of best safari destinations in Africa, Botswana is a wild and dramatic land characterised not only by its bountiful wildlife, but also by its extraordinary scenery

Bogota, Columbia


Colombia is blessed with natural beauty: Andean peaks, Caribbean beaches, pristine Amazon jungle, and so much more


Lions and leopards are just part of the landscape in Kenya, East Africa’s favourite safari destination. More than 40 national parks and nature reserves are scattered between Lake Victoria and the India Ocean, covering every imaginable landscape and featuring just about every animal in Africa: from aardvarks to zebras

Shwedagon Pagoda of Myanmar


Once a pariah state, Myanmar is fast becoming the must-see destination in Southeast Asia, helped by an incredible array of tourist sights including golden stupas as tall as skyscrapers, ancient ruins and unexplored jungles

Yak in Tibet


Hidden high on the roof of the world, Tibet is a land of golden monasteries, spectacular mountain scenery and a deep spiritual heritage that lives as much in our imagination as it does in the remote Himalayas