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  The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. Available in English, German, and Spanish versions, the WTG provides detailed and accurate travel content designed to inspire global travellers. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes offbeat travel news, stories, quizzes and guides for adventurous travellers.

Travel Features

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Where to go on holiday in February 2020

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be packed with amazing travel plans

Red passport on Europe flag background with Schengen Visa in the circle of stars

Bitesized guide: Schengen Visas

As new Schengen visa rules taking effect from February 2020, here is what you need to know about Schengen visa if you plan to visit countries within the Schengen area

Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates, Dubai, UAE

Top 5: Indoor ski centres

Indoor ski centres provide a safe and snow-sure environment for you to hone your skills before venturing out to a ski resort

Statue of Albert Einstein, Bern, Switzerland

Where to go on holiday in January 2020

Kick-start the new year with a resolution in your head, a passport in your pocket, and tickets to one of these destinations

Person holding champagne - background mountain

Top 10 luxury ski resorts around the world

Perfectly groomed slopes, Michelin-starred restaurants and celebrity spotting make these resorts the best for a swanky ski holiday

Food and Drink

Ramen in Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Tokyo food & drink guide: 10 things to try in Tokyo, Japan

With a strong focus on freshness and seasonality, Tokyo is must-visit for anyone who considers themselves a foodie

Vegetable soups - Winter soups

Top 5 winter soups from around the world

In winter, when temperatures plummet and howling winds rattle the windows, it is time for a bowl of soup that can warm your soul and nourish your body

Glasses of mulled wine with orange slices and cinnamon sticks

Christmas special: Mulled wine

Winter wouldn’t be complete without a steaming glass of mulled wine, but what you’ll be drinking depends on where you are

Puerto Rican Coquito

Christmas special: 8 festive drinks to raise your spirits

Reaching for your favourite Christmas drink during the festive season is the perfect accompaniment to food and spending time with friends and family

Pilsner Beer

A guide to pilsner

Pilsner is widely regarded as one of the best beers in the world and this quick guide tells you why

City Guides



There's nowhere quite like Berlin. Sensual, gritty, hip and debauched, it's a colossal city with a tumultuous back-story. It also has a myriad of different faces: the staunch solidity of the Reichstag, the rainbow melee of its multicultural population, the insistent bass-thump of its numberless nightclubs

Eilat, Israel


Sandwiched between the Red Sea and the mighty Negev desert, Eilat is a water sport and desert adventure paradise. The southernmost city of Israel has all the hallmarks of a fantastic sun and fun holiday like VAT-free shopping and spotless beaches


Ljubljana may be compact, but it boasts a myriad of architectural styles, a picturesque Old Town and a buzzing energy that give its bountiful bars and restaurants the dynamism of a much bigger city

Memphis, Tennessee


Memphis is known the world over as the cradle of the blues, the birthplace of rock 'n' roll and the place Elvis Presley called home. This sweet Southern Belle vies with Nashville to be the largest city in Tennessee, yet it still retains an alluring small-town feel, with a revitalised downtown teeming with energy and life


The city-state of Singapore, blending a heady mix of Asian cultures with a constant drive for progress, has been hosting travellers from around the world since Stamford Raffles established it as a trading post of the British East India Company in 1819

Country/ State/ Region Guides

St Theodores church, Berat, Albania


Idyllic beaches, warm weather, rich history, spectacular mountain scenery and bargain prices; it sounds like an impossible wishlist for a European destination. Yet Albania fulfils all of these criteria and more. Over the past quarter of a century, this Balkan land has gradually emerged from its austere communist cocoon and savvy travellers have been taking note

Costa Rica

Steaming rainforest, iridescent hummingbirds, smouldering volcanoes, tumbling rivers, and miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches: if Mother Nature can ever be accused of showing off, it is in Costa Rica. Sat just north of the equator, this verdant chunk of the Central American isthmus is one of the most bio-diverse spots on the planet


India is a beautiful and bamboozling place, an endlessly fascinating country that is often challenging and always surprising


Madagascar floats off the coast of Mozambique in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, and is home to some of the weirdest, most wonderful wildlife in existence

Mt Jefferson, Oregon travel guide


Oregon doesn’t have to try hard: it has one of the hippest cities on the planet, snow-tipped volcanoes, a phenomenal coastline and more breweries per capita than any other US state