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  The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. Available in English, German, and Spanish versions, the WTG provides detailed and accurate travel content designed to inspire global travellers. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes offbeat travel news, stories, quizzes and guides for adventurous travellers.

Travel Features

Reykjavik city scape

Where to go on holiday in March 2020

March may be a cold month for countries in the Northern Hemisphere but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and adventure

Tower Bridge, London

The 10 most romantic spots to kiss in England

With a diverse range of heart-achingly beautiful landscapes, England offers many gorgeous backdrops for romantic couples to embrace and share a special moment

Love locks

Love: a year-round affair

Love is not a factory-manufactured product that is stamped with a specific 'best by' date; it's a sacred emotion and is celebrated on different days in other cultures

Group of friends on a ski holiday

Skiing on a budget

Booking a ski or snowboard holiday does not have to cause a blizzard in your bank account, here are nine ways you can cut costs on the slopes

Masikryong, North Korea ©

The 19 strangest places to ski

Hitting the slopes this winter and getting bored of mainstream ski resorts? From hermit kingdom to active volcano sites, here are the 19 strangest places to ski

Food and Drink

Israeli Cuisine

Israeli food made simple

Featuring the best dishes of many ethnic groups, Israeli cuisine is hard to resist. As Israeli cuisine is now a popular source of ideas for recipe hunters, we’re bringing six popular Israeli dishes to your kitchen

Ramen in Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Tokyo food & drink guide: 10 things to try in Tokyo, Japan

With a strong focus on freshness and seasonality, Tokyo is must-visit for anyone who considers themselves a foodie

Vegetable soups - Winter soups

Top 5 winter soups from around the world

In winter, when temperatures plummet and howling winds rattle the windows, it is time for a bowl of soup that can warm your soul and nourish your body

Pilsner Beer

A guide to pilsner

Pilsner is widely regarded as one of the best beers in the world and this quick guide tells you why

Weird world Food - Century Egg

Weird world foods

Travellers with an adventurous appetite and a strong stomach can seek out these nine weird and wonderful delicacies from around the world

City Guides



Switzerland typically does things on a grand scale – the craggy bulk of the Matterhorn, the glossy prestige of Geneva, the epic ski slopes of Graubünden – so for the modestly proportioned Bern to be its de facto capital can seem incongruous. What this likeable little city lacks in headline-grabbing majesty, however, it more than makes up for in charm


Beacons of tourism since the dawn of history,Cairo possess an enduring appeal. Just southwest of Cairo, a patch of Giza desert offers Khufu’s Great Pyramid, plus the iconic Sphinx

Hagia Sophia Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul's amazing cultural heritage is in part due to its location straddling the Bosphorus Strait. At a crucial confluence where Europe meets Asia Minor, the city can legitimately claim to be the point at which east meets west

Basilica Quito, Ecuador


Once a stepping stone for the Galapagos Islands, travellers are now unearthing the colonial charm and cosmopolitan buzz of Ecuador’s proud epicentre, Quito

Juliet Capulet's balcony in Verona, Italy


It’s the setting of the world’s greatest love story, but Verona has more to offer than just Romeo and Juliet. While romance, conflict and passion shaped the city, it’s the Roman, medieval and Renaissance architects that earned it UNESCO World Heritage status

Country/ State/ Region Guides


Costa Rica

Steaming rainforest, iridescent hummingbirds, smouldering volcanoes, tumbling rivers, and miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches: if Mother Nature can ever be accused of showing off, it is in Costa Rica. Sat just north of the equator, this verdant chunk of the Central American isthmus is one of the most bio-diverse spots on the planet



The Gambia may be mainland Africa's smallest nation, but it punches way above its weight in terms of attractions. With its glorious long sandy beaches, bustling architecturally-stunning towns and wealth of wildlife, it's perhaps the most striking of all West African countries. What's more, its people are kind and welcoming, giving The Gambia the reputation of being the ‘The Smiling Coast’


India is a beautiful and bamboozling place, an endlessly fascinating country that is often challenging and always surprising


Clichéd or not, the islands of Seychelles are about as close to paradise as you can get: once you have felt the sand between your toes and paddled in the crystal clear waters here, beach holidays will never be the same again


The Islands of Tahiti are known for their laid-back vibes. Expect romantic sunsets and giant curls of turquoise breaking over reefs. Remote and pristine, the islands give you a glimpse of paradise on Earth