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Moldova: Doing business and staying in touch

Doing Business in Moldova

Formal business etiquette applies to Moldovan business meetings, and smart attire is required.

Office Hours

Mon-Fri 0800-1700.


Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. It has a temperate climate and good farmland but has no major mineral deposits and must import almost all of its energy supplies. As a result, the economy depends heavily on agriculture, particularly fruits, vegetables, wine and tobacco.

GDP grew by 6% or more every year between 2000-05, though this was based largely on consumption fed by money received from Moldovans working outside of the country - about 25% of working-age Moldovans are employed abroad. The country had an unemployment rate of 7.3% in 2005.

The illegal separatist regime in the Transistria region also continues to drag on the Moldovan economy.


US$2.6 billion (2006).

Main exports

Food, textiles and machinery.

Main imports

Mineral products and fuel, machinery and equipment, chemicals, and textiles.

Main trading partners

Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Germany and Italy.

Keeping in Touch in Moldova


Local payphones are cheap and plentiful. They work by phonecards available at kiosks.

Mobile Phone

Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone operators. Coverage is generally good all over the country.


There are Internet cafes in main towns.


The Moldovan constitution guarantees freedom of the press, but laws prohibit defamation and insulting the state. Political parties publish their own newspapers, which often criticise the government. Moldovan editions of Russian titles are among the most-popular Russian-language publications.


All mail to and from Moldova may be subject to long delays. There are express mail services in Chisinau.

Post Office hours

Daily 0900-2000.

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