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Bucharest Nightlife

Bucharest's nightclubs vary between hip hop haunts spinning the latest sounds and flashy discos where Romania's wealthy go to let off steam. There are no licensing hours in Romania. Nor is there a legal drinking age, however, you must be over 18 to purchase alcohol. Entrance fees are cheap compared to those in the West. Many nightclubs are concentrated in or around the historic centre, making club-hopping an option.
Jazz is popular in Romania and Bucharest has good jazz clubs. Latino music is also trendy and salsa-dancing couples invade the dancefloors of certain clubs. Casinos flourish and many of Bucharest's well-to-do flock to those along Calea Victoriei.
For up-to-date information on nightlife, check out Şapte Seri (, the website of a free entertainment weekly available in the city, which also lists cultural events.

Bars in Bucharest


A wide range of great craft beers on offer in this unpretentious pub. Its home brew is a natural unfiltered beer originating from a recipe that dates back to 1516. The bar is about 10 minutes' walk from Piața Unirii.

Address: , Aleea Căuzași 57, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 722 560 300


This bar and restaurant in a funky former printing house in downtown Bucharest is a popular hangout for young urbanites. A two-minute walk from the Old Town, and open late, it is an ideal place to start or finish an evening.

Address: , Strada Ion Brezoianu 4, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 757 086 689

FIX - Botanical Bar

Using plants and quality ingredients local to Eastern Europe and embracing an experimental approach to cocktails, this minimalist bar near to the university attracts a sophisticated crowd. Apart from cocktails, they also serve craft beers and wine.

Address: , Strada Ion Brezoianu 23-25, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 771 707869

Fire Club

Fire Club has a beer-soaked ground-floor bar filled with a lively young crowd. A great place for cheap drinks, good pub food and for watching sports.

Address: , Strada Gabroveni 12, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 732 166 604

Gradina Eden (Garden Eden)

One of Bucharest's hidden gems, Gradina Eden is located in an overgrown lot behind Stirbey Palace on Calea Victoriei. Unless you know it's there, Eden is easy to miss, but turn the corner and you'll find dozens of tables hidden among the trees. Hammocks and beanbags are also available for those really wanting to relax, while ambient evening lighting make it a chilled spot for those looking for less of a party atmosphere.

Address: , Calea Victoriei 107, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 726 577 898


In the evenings this coffee-lovers favourite turns into a hip cocktail bar, with Romanian wines, coffee-inspired cocktails, and plenty of spirits. In the summer months this small café sprawls onto the streets outside.

Address: , Strada Liscani 9, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 757 086 689

Clubs in Bucharest

Live music in Bucharest

Control Club

One of the hippest bars and clubs in Bucharest, Control has a steady flow of live events, and its outside terrace is usually packed with young Romanians enjoying a few drinks after a day of work or study.

Address: , Strada Constantin Mille 4, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 733 927 861

Green Hours 22 Jazz Club

Green Hours 22 Jazz Club is a capsule-style basement club with jazz or theatre most nights.

Address: , Calea Victoriei 120, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 751 772 275

Piranha Club

Way out in west Bucharest, the friendly Piranha Club is an outdoor web of bars, aquariums, gazebos, eating areas and a stage for live alt-rock shows.

Address: , Splaiul Independentei 313 C, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 21 315 9129

Classical music in Bucharest

Ateneul Roman (Romanian Athenaeum)

One of the most magnificent places to hear classical music performed is at the Ateneul Roman (Romanian Athenaeum). This splendid 19th-century building (looking like Bucharest's answer to London's St Paul's Cathedral) presents a fairy tale backdrop, splendid acoustics and plays host to the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and other leading groups. The lobby has a beautifully painted ceiling decorated in gold leaf.

Address: , Strada Franklin 1-3, Bucharest,
Telephone: +40 21 315 2567

Dance in Bucharest

Theatres in Bucharest

Music and Dance in Bucharest

Culture in Bucharest

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