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Where to stay in Romania


Visitors are advised to book accommodation in advance, particularly for summertime visits to coastal resorts. Room prices in lower-end hotels in Romania are very reasonable compared to Western European prices, whereas 4- and 5-star hotels are comparable in both standards and price. Breakfast normally costs extra. Romania's first boutique hotels have opened in Transylvania. For further information, contact the Romanian Tourist Office (

Bed and breakfast

Accommodation of this type (also called pensiune) is plentiful in Romania and in smaller towns or villages may be the only options. Private rooms tend to be cheaper than hotel rooms and will be basic but comfortable. Bed and breakfast accommodation is classified from 1 to 3 daisies. For further information, contact the Romanian National Tourist Office or ANTREC ( which has a good selection of rural guesthouses.


There are 69 campsites licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism, many located next to picturesque rivers and at affordable prices. Camping holidays in Romania are very popular for families with young children.

Other accomodation

Homestays:To sample the real Romanian lifestyle, opt to stay in someone's home. A room costs from Lei20-80 per night, which often includes two meals. Rooms are clean but some do not have private bathrooms for guests. Hosts may not speak English. It’s common for train travellers to be met at the station by a crowd of locals all vying for custom. Surprisingly, this is actually a perfectly acceptable way of securing accommodation and can be a good backup option if you haven’t booked in advance. Make sure you agree a price before booking.

Backpacker hostels: Hostel accommodation in Romania is limited, although more are opening as the country becomes popular with backpackers and inter-railers. Bucharest, Constanta, Braşov, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Iaşi and Timişoara all have a selection of hostels, and you’ll also find hostels in some smaller towns such as Maramures and Campulung Moldovenesc.

Resorts: Romania has a good selection of both beach and sea resorts. The most popular include Mamaia, Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mangalia along the Black Sea Coast and the ski resorts of Azuga, Busteni, Poiana Braşov and Sinaia. Prices in-season tend to be above the Romania average, and each resort has a good selection of hotel and guesthouse accommodation.

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