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Balearic Islands Weather, climate and geography

Weather and climate

Best time to visit

The islands enjoy a temperate, Mediterranean climate. The maximum temperatures are not excessive, even in high summer, owing to the cooling influence of the sea. The climate during the winter is generally mild and dry with occasional showers.

Required clothing

Lightweight cottons for much of the year with shower protection and warmer wear in winter.


The landscape of these islands is characterised by woodlands, almond trees, fertile plains and often dramatic coastlines with sandy coves separated by craggy cliffs. Mallorca has the most varied landscape featuring mountains and valleys, rocky coves and sandy beaches. The main geographical feature is the Sierra del Norte, a mountain range running along the northern coast. The island is covered with lush pine forest, and with olive and almond trees, which blanket the countryside with blossoms in springtime. Menorca is less impressive, though the two main towns, Mahón and Ciutadella, sited at either end of the island, sit above deep inlets forming natural harbours. There are many bays and cove beaches on the island. Ibiza has a rugged coastline with many fruit orchards and woods.

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