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Kayak the Stockholm Archipelago

Home to almost 30,000 islands, Stockholm’s vast archipelago is a slice of the seaside a stone’s throw from the city centre. Although exploring the network of pint-sized islands and teeny islets can be done via organised tours and boat trips, rent a kayak from Dalarö Kajak (tel +46739741034; and explore for yourself.

See a concert in Stockholm's stylish concert hall

In a city of such style, it is no surprise that Stockholm Concert Hall (tel +468 506 677 88; - one of Sweden’s most notable landmarks - is so architecturally chic. Neoclassical in design, this beautiful blue building houses the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and plays host to annual Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony. Tours are available.

Stop for a fika

Stockholm is famous for its coffee culture and the locals regard the ritual of stopping for a slurp of the black stuff (accompanied by a cinnamon bun) with something approaching religious fervour. Known as fika by the Swedes, the experience should also involve at least half an hour of chat.

Sweat it out in a sauna

Swedes are relaxed about getting their kit off, and the city’s many public saunas offer an abundance of choice. The classic smoke sauna is fuelled by fragrant pinewood; there are several examples in Stockholm, although most are modern electricity-powered numbers. Leave your modesty at the door.

Tuck into a Swedish smörgåsbord

The smörgåsbord is Sweden’s answer to the Middle Eastern mezze and usually includes a dollop of köttbullar (meatballs), rye bread, herring and cheese. Also worth looking out for is pyttipanna, a dish composed of chopped meat, spices and potatoes, topped with a fried egg and pickled beetroot.

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