Getting Around Qatar


Doha has Qatar's only international airport and there are no internal flights.


Qatar is small, about 160km (99 miles) from north to south and 80km (50 miles) from east to west, making it easy to explore by car.

Most roads radiating from Doha the capital. In Doha, there is even a 'blue road' – the Abdullah Bin Jassim Street near Souq Waqif is painted blue, instead of the usual black asphalt. Apart from pleasing to the eye, the blue colour absorbs and radiates less heat, making the road cooler too.

Side of the road


Road Quality

All roads in Qatar are well-maintained and it's a pleasure to drive on. However, beware of speed cameras. Sandstorms can also reduce visibility dramatically while flash floods can make the road slippery.

In Doha, traffic congestion and impatient drivers may make driving a challenge.

Road Classification

Major routes are multiple-lane highways.

Car Hire

Available from local and international companies at the airport and hotels. The minimum age for driving in Qatar is 18, although car hire companies may demand drivers to be at least 21. Seat belts must be worn. Large on-the-spot fines are issued to anyone not wearing one or not carrying a driver's licence.


Karwa taxis are widely available and reasonably priced. You can order it via the app or call for service (+974 4458 8888). You can also hire a private vehicle through apps like Careem and Uber.


Cycling is gaining some fans in Doha and there are a few bicycle rental shops. Having said that, cycling isn't popular among tourists as most tourists aren't used to the hot and dry weather like the locals.


Mowasalat ( runs a public bus service from Doha to major towns within Qatar.


On highways the speed limit is 120kph (75mph). Within the city the speed limit varies but most of the time is 60kph (37mph).

Breakdown services

There is no national breakdown service but private companies do operate. If you're renting a car, the rental company usually gives you a number to call.


Citizens from some countries like the UK and Canada can drive with a license from your home country for up to a week, thereafter an International Driving Permit is required (for up to 12 months). You must have the driving license with you at all times.


Doha has a metro network consisting of three lines – Red, Green and Gold. The Red Line runs from Lusail (in the north) to Al Wakra (in the south). This line also connects Hamad International Airport (Terminal 1) to the city centre. The Green Line runs from Al Mansoura (in the east) to Al Riffa (in the west). The Gold Line runs from Ras Bu Abboud (in the east) to Al Aziziyah (in the west).

Rail Passes

If you would like to travel on the metro regularly, you can buy different passes (Gold, Standard or Limited Use) depending on your preference.

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