Canada Visa and Passport Requirements

Passport required Return ticket required Visa Required
British Yes No Yes
Australian Yes No Yes
Canadian N/A N/A N/A
USA 2 No No
Other EU Yes/1 3 Yes


To enter Canada, a valid passport is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above, except the following:

1. Citizens of France who are residents of, and entering from, the French overseas territory Saint Pierre and Miquelon; and persons entering from Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

2. Citizens of the USA holding a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalisation, US permanent resident card, or certificate of Indian status along with photo ID. However, it is recommended that you carry a valid passport. US citizens re-entering the USA from Canada via air, land or sea require a valid passport or passport card.


Visas are not required by nationals referred to in the chart above for stays of up to six months, except the following:

• Nationals of (3) Bulgaria and Romania.

However, all visa-exempt nationals (other than US citizens) are required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if travelling to or through Canada by air. You need to apply online at An eTA costs C$7 and is valid for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. Note that Bulgarians and Romanians who hold a valid US non-immigration visa or have held a Canadian visa within the past 10 years can apply for an eTA. Most eTAs are authorised within minutes.

Nationals not referred to in the chart are advised to contact the high commission or embassy to check visa requirements for Canada.

Visa Note

Persons wishing to attend a course of six months’ duration or less, at any level, do not require a study permit. However, if there is the possibility that you will extend your period of study in Canada, or if you are a full-time student and wish to work part-time, you may apply for a study permit.

Depending on circumstance and nationality, certain applicants may need to undergo a medical examination in order to receive their visas; this must be carried out by a doctor on Canada’s list of Panel Physicians.

Visa applicants from some countries need to provide biometrics (photo and fingerprints).

Types and Cost

Single- or multiple-entry visitor visa: C$100; family visitor visa: C$500 maximum; transit: free; study permit: C$150. 


Single-entry visa: up to six months; multiple-entry visa: up to six months at a time for up to 10 years. All applicants are considered for a multiple-entry visa.

The determination regarding length of stay in Canada can only be decided by the examining officer at the port of entry. It is usually six months, but in some cases the officer may limit the permitted time in Canada depending on the purpose of your trip.

Visitors must leave Canada on or before the date authorised by the examining officer on arrival.


Transit visas are necessary for all nationals who require a visitor visa and who are stopping in Canada for fewer than 48 hours on the way to another country. However, certain nationalities travelling to the USA via Canada may be eligible for the Transit Without Visa programme; check online at

Application to

Consulate (or consular section at embassy or high commission). Some applicants are eligible to apply online ( Applicants living in the UK either need to apply online or through VFS Global's Canada Visa Application Centre ( which charges a £21.49 processing fee.

Temporary residence

In addition to the visas listed above, parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents may apply for a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, which allows stays of up to two years.

Working days

Visa processing time varies according to your nationality and your country of residence. In the UK, applications for visitor visas are usually processed within 12 days if you apply online or through VFS Global. This can vary according to the time of year.

Extension of stay

If you wish to extend your stay as a visitor, you must apply to the nearest Canada Immigration Centre or online at least 30 days before the expiry of the visitor visa. The cost to extend a visitor visa is C$100.

Entry with children

If travelling with children under 18 of whom you are not the legal parent or guardian, you are advised to bring a signed letter authorising entry into Canada from the child’s parent or guardian. If you are the child’s only parent or guardian, it’s recommended that you bring documents showing this.

Entry with pets

For information on importing pets into Canada, visit the website of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (

Embassies and tourist offices

Canadian Embassy in the USA

Telephone: +1 202 682 1740.

Canadian High Commission in the UK

Telephone: +44 20 7258 6600.

British High Commission in Canada

Telephone: +1 613 237 1530.