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Zimbabwe Food and Drink

British colonisation certainly left its mark on Zimbabwe’s food culture, as is clearly shown by the excellent high teas that you’ll find at many hotels and safari camps.

Meat in Zimbabwe is very good, and interesting game meats such as warthog and crocodile are readily available in most towns and tourist areas. In the major urban areas a variety of international restaurants are also available, while the local diet includes tasty peanut-based stews, wild mushroom soup and starchy staples.

Zimbabwean markets generally have sumptuous fruit, especially papaya, and good locally-grown vegetables. Beer is never far away, whether it’s European-style lager or the opaque maize beer that is a favourite with many locals.


Sadza: A stiff maize meal porridge eaten with meat or stew.
Nhedzi: A rich wild mushroom soup.
Game meat: Including ostrich, warthog and crocodile tail.
Whawha: Traditional maize beer.
Bota: Porridge flavoured with peanut butter, milk, butter or jam and traditionally eaten for breakfast.
Dovi: Traditional peanut butter stew with meat and/or vegetables.
Mapopo candy: Papaya cooked in and dusted with sugar.
Mopane worms: A large insect usually dried or fried as a protein-rich snack, or sometimes added to stews.
Mupotohayi: Traditional homemade cornbread.
Biltong: Seasoned and dried meat usually made from beef or game.


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