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Make no bones about it: Jakarta is definitely a traveller’s tightrope walk. Hardly a halcyon vacation spot, the ‘Big Durian’ compensates with rewarding experiences, should the more adventurous accept its sights, sensations and challenges.

A muezzin summons the faithful from one of Jakarta’s many mosques, but the driver of the angkot (minibus) you’re riding in blasts disco dangdut music from his dusty car stereo. The passengers, young Muslim schoolgirls in jilbabs, chuckle when he croons a love ballad whilst keeping his cool in a nose-to-tail macet, the kind of congestion which has created the city’s unique gridlock economy of snack hawkers and guttersnipe traffic boys.

Despite Jakarta’s sub-equatorial and coastal profile, Indonesia’s economic dynamo boasts no beautiful beaches or no palm-lined avenues, yet its nightlife is world class, its colonial history worth exploring, and its citizens so friendly that you’re bound to create lasting friendships.

From Jakarta’s urban jungle of high-rise buildings, highways and open sewage canals, the only place to escape to is an air-conditioned shopping mall with free Wi-Fi, an international food court and brand-name shops.

However, thanks to their ubiquity in this Southeast Asian megalopolis, many are starting to see the shopping mall as outdated and uncool, opting for the alternative hipster markets.

South Jakarta seems to be thriving with prime real estate, trendy bazaars and a huge expat scene, while its old town (Kota), located on the northern shores, is redolent of bygone colonial days.

Although half of its buildings fester in an advanced state of dilapidation, Sunda Kelapa showcases the hallmark of historic Batavia (Jakarta’s erstwhile colonial name). Here you can see retired windjammers, which once transported the holy trinity of the Asian spice trade—clove, pepper and nutmeg.

A number of museums also reveal Indonesian culture and Jakarta’s unique identity summed up in the national slogan, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).

It may be a traveller’s tightrope walk, but for the courageous tourist, Jakarta gets the balance just about right.

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Kosenda Hotel

Located in Central Jakarta, this hotel feels luxurious but the low price is quite shocking. The 57 rooms come in three sizes at different price points, so guests can choose how comfortable they want to be, though even the smallest rooms offer great design and high quality service for a cheap price. Kosenda Hotel also offers a restaurant, fitness centre, free buffet breakfast, a coffee shop, and free newspapers and bottled water in the rooms.

The Hermitage Jakarta

This 1920s art deco building sticks out from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta's most prestigious district, Menteng. Visitors can walk to world class shopping malls in addition to an antique art market. The inside of the building is inspired by its early 20th century history but is marked by upscale, modern features and finish that are sure to give any guest a luxurious vacation away from it all.

Oakwood Premier Cozmo

Minutes from Ambassador Mall and Kuningan City Mall, the Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta offers guests 5-star quality, air-conditioned rooms in the middle of Jakarta’s high-class shopping and entertainment district. Guests can choose between rooms or apartments, and the hotel comes with an outdoor pool and fitness center in addition to four restaurants and 3 coffee shops on the premises.

Gondia International Guesthouse

This homely guesthouse with a small garden in a quiet street provides a good respite from Jakarta. It's a decent alternative from the hostels and guesthouses of Jalan Jaksa and has comfy rooms and a friendly ambience.

Red Planet Hotel Pasar Baru

Right next door to the famous Ramayana Pasar Baru market, this hip hotel offers guests the chance to explore Central Jakarta without straying too far from their accommodation. Each room has free Wi-Fi, custom-made beds, flat-screen TVs, and of course air conditioning to survive the year-round sky-high temperatures.

Grand Hyatt

Only in the moderately priced bracket if booked in advance because this is a luxurious residence bearing the hallmarks of quality expected from a Grand Hyatt. Located in the Pinheiros financial district, it has all the amenities you could wish for, including high speed internet, a choice of bars and restaurants, 466 rooms and suites and an exemplary spa. The Wine Library bar offers guests a giddying choice of 2,500 bottles. Breakfast included.