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Where to stay in Indonesia


Hotels, from deluxe to budget, can be found in most towns across the country, while international hotels are generally found in major towns and tourist areas. Most choice can be found in Jakarta and on Bali, with the  international hotel scene varying widely, from corporate behemoths to the laid back luxury on offer at Nihiwatu on Sumba.

There’s something to suit every budget in Indonesia, with even high-end hotels seeming comparatively bargainous in terms of value for money. Whilst high hotel taxes are charged (10% service, plus 11% government tax), depending on the hotel, these will simply be rolled up into the final bill. Resort hotels on Bali vary from international class, luxury hotels to beach cottages. Most hotels include pools and will supply leisure equipment for an additional fee. Wi-Fi is readily available, even in rural areas, although the connection may be slow.

All hotels are graded according to facilities.

Bed and breakfast

Cheap guesthouses with no air conditioning and shared basic Indonesian-style bathrooms are popular with visitors for short stays. There are also beach and lakeside chalets. On Sumatra it is possible to stay in a reproduction of a traditional batak house with its distinctive high, pointed roof.


Very few official campsites exist so be prepared to bring your own tent and get permission to camp in a village, or on a farmer's land for a small fee. National parks vary as to whether or not they allow camping.

Other accomodation

Families sometimes rent out spare rooms. In the villages, this may be in traditional homes as well as long houses or village huts. In more remote places, visitors should gain permission from the village head.

Bali features many self-catering villas, which can be secluded and luxurious; most are small and characterful. These tend to be advertised locally or on websites. Hostels are also a popular option for those who are on a budget. These tend to be cheap and cheerful, with shared facilities.

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