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Where to stay in Thailand


Hotels in Thailand cover every range, from high-end luxury boutiques to fantastic options for the budget traveller. There is cheap accommodation throughout Bangkok but Banglamphu is the main area for budget accommodation. Hotels outside the capital and developed tourist areas are less lavish but are extremely economical and comfortable. Visitors can book hotels on arrival at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport and also at some of the provincial airports.

Bangkok and many tourist destinations around Thailand have some of Asia's finest hotels, with thousands of rooms meeting international standards. Many hotels belong to the large international chains. The majority of luxury hotels have swimming pools, 24-hour room service, Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Bed and breakfast

Guesthouses with shared bathrooms and no air conditioning are cheap and popular with tourists, as are bungalows, which often have cafés and English-speaking staff on site. Beach bungalows and huts are particularly popular with backpackers and can be found on many of the beaches and islands around Thailand. Affordable AirBnBs are located primarily in the capital and developed tourist areas like Bangkok and Chiang Mai.


In general, visitors will find that camping in Thailand is not popular, as other accommodation is available at such reasonable prices. Most of Thailand's campsites are in the area of the national parks where tents can be rented; there are also some private tourist resorts that provide camping facilities. Camping is allowed on nearly all of the islands and beaches.

Other accomodation

YMCA and YWCA hostels are located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and small, cheap hotels are available all over the country. Holiday villas and flats can be rented, especially for long-term visitors. For details, look for advertisements in the English-language newspapers or online before travelling.

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